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Start publishing articles on your blog & monitor your blog's performance through our built-in Google search and web analytics. Grow your blog by utilizing our SEO performance features

Generate 10x More Articles with AI

Our custome fine-tuned AI generates well-structured & high-quality first drafts in ~30 seconds.

Built-in SEO Optimizations
For Real Traffic

We take care of the SEO so you can solely focus on the content.

Rank Faster on Google

Every time you publish an article, we automatically submit a new sitemap to Google's index queue so your pages are indexed faster

SEO Optimized Articles & Images

All your blog pages are pre-optimized with the best defaults for SEO performance.

Dynamically Generated Sitemaps

A dynamically generated /sitemap.xml route for all your blogs.

Drive Conversions
with In-Article CTAs

Use our custom-built editor to embed CTA buttons and generate higher conversions for your business.

Understand Your Web Traffic
With Precise Analytics

See how your blog is performing in Google Search and understand your audience better by utilizing our built-in Google Search and Web Analytics.

Take Control Over
Your Brand With

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Completely customize your blog with React.js and Tailwind CSS using our in-browser IDE.

In-Browser IDE

Make changes to your blog theme right in your browser. Quickly demo, iterate, and deploy new changes.

Statically Generated Pages

Every page in your blog will be pre-rendered on the server and stored in a CDN for improved SEO and web-page performance.

Rich & Interactive Blog

Use Tailwind CSS and React.js to create an enhanced experience for your users

And More Features to
Set You Up For Success

Invite others to collaborate on your blog

Statically Generated Pages for Improved Performance

Rich Text-Editor

Connect Custom Domains

Role Management

Optimized Images

Free SSL Certificate


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